Micro piles: compact foundation piles at any location

Micro piles are very compact and demand little room to construct. They can be drilled straight through existing foundations or floors. This makes micro piles an extremely flexible foundation technique for absorbing compressive and tensile stresses. Micro piles can be made perpendicularly or at a given inclination.

What are micro piles used for?

  • To strengthen the foundations of an existing building in case of subsidence or when the building has to bear a heavier load
  • To create a foundation in places that are difficult to access
  • To absorb variable loads, e.g. wind loads or bridge traffic
  • In railway infrastructure
  • As a foundation pile for machinery in existing buildings
  • As tension pile to prevent basements from floating
  • etc.

How are micro piles drilled?

  1. We use injection and drill anchors with sacrificial drill rods and bits. This means that we do not need to insert separate reinforcement and do not withdraw a casing. Besides the faster execution, the anchors guarantee that the bore, as well as all cavities and cracks, is fully filled up.
  2. The drill fluid and the anchor tendon consist of cement mortar. This stabilises the bore during drilling. The cement mortar is a primary injection whereby we improve the connection between the anchor and the soil.
  3. The anchor tendon thickness is defined by the thickness of the drill bit. The final thickness also depends on the injection pressure. The tendon’s irregular shape guarantees maximum tensile force for the pile. The mortar coverage protects the pile against the formation of corrosion.
  4. We bore the micro pile into the ground, which displaces the soil and mixes it with the cement injection. This increases the maximum load that can be absorbed.
  5. A post-injection ensures optimal stress relief of the anchor in the borehole.
  6. Pre-tensioning micro piles is uncommon, but it can be applied in some cases.

What are the benefits of the micro piles foundation technique?

  • Thanks to our compact and flexible drilling machines, we have no problem drilling from existing basements and buildings.
  • Micro piles offer a solution in virtually any soil type, without any adjustment to the drilling machine. Only the drill bits need to be adjusted, depending on the soil type.
  • By using a sacrificial drill rod and bit, we can work with smaller drilling machines, use less cement and save working hours. Together this ensures a lower cost price.
  • Piles have a continuous screw thread, so that they can always be extended or shortened.
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