All required research and design, as well as stability-technical calculations included

CVR has made significant investments in the expansion of its own engineering office. This allows us to unburden our clients from A to Z. From the analysis of the first soil surveys to professional execution, we take responsibility for the entire foundation and sheeting project. Based on the required soil surveys, our stability engineers work out the entire foundation or sheeting concept, as well as a detailed implementation plan. Our experienced project leaders and foremen professionally put these surveys into practice. This combination of research and execution makes us unique in the sector. A solid preparation guarantees smooth execution, without loss of time and unexpected extra costs.

1. Involved at the earliest opportunity

Invite CVR as soon as possible to participate in your project. Together we will analyse the practical challenges proactively and solve problems before they occur. We face every challenge; be it foundation or sheeting works in places that are difficult to access, or very narrow lots, very deep construction pits, assignments in safety-sensitive environments etc.

Make the most of our expertise and experience and involve our engineers as early as possible in the project’s design phase. This guarantees saving time and extra costs in the implementation phase.

Every engineer has his or her own specialities, resulting in strong teamwork. We appoint a coordinating engineer for each project, who forms the unique point of contact for the client. He monitors the project from start to finish.

2. Analysis phase and soil surveys

With different experienced project engineers and our own calculator/draughtsman, we tackle every research and design assignment professionally. It all starts with a thorough analysis phase including the necessary soil surveys.

Through the years, we have carried out more than 3,000 foundation and sheeting projects. Thanks to the numerous dossiers with soil probing, we have an extensive sample map of the subsoil in Belgium. This usually permits us to make a quick initial estimate of a project’s technical challenges.

3. Detailing the foundation and sheeting concept

CVR has knowledge of all possible techniques and has all the required machinery and expertise for the application of any foundation or sheeting method.

Depending on a complex combination of environmental factors, the intended ultimate objective and a thorough cost-benefit analysis, we calculate the most cost-effective foundation or sheeting technique for each project. In most cases, we offer a combination of techniques in order to obtain the most cost-effective solution.

4. All stability calculations

We perform all stability calculations in-house. We discuss and go through these calculations with the client’s engineer, so that the latter can rest assured that all will go smoothly.

5. Translation into an implementation plan

For each foundation or sheeting assignment, we work out a technical implementation plan. This tells our clients exactly what they may expect from us. For our site managers, foremen and site employees, the implementation plan serves as a unique manual for every project.

For every project, we compile the most suitable execution team, depending on the required expertise.

6. Concrete and transparent execution on the site

Unforeseen circumstances can always occur when working in the subsoil. We communicate in all transparency about technical obstacles and we suggest an appropriate solution in order to avoid further loss of time and the associated extra costs. We take our responsibility for maximum customer satisfaction.

Order, safety and tidiness on the site come naturally to our extremely experienced and soundly trained site employees. We have a modern and extensive machine fleet. Our own maintenance department provides the required maintenance and any repairs after each assignment.

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