Pioneer and trendsetter in foundation techniques and sheeting

For more than 40 years now, CVR has been one of the absolute pioneers and trendsetters in Belgium for foundation techniques and sheeting. We were the first to apply many of these techniques. We also developed various foundation and sheeting techniques ourselves, which were thoroughly tested and perfected, often in collaboration with the BBRI. In the future CVR will continue to fulfil the role of trendsetter. Thanks to our unique knowledge and expertise, demand to execute assignments abroad is increasing as well.

Investing in human capital

Besides expanding its machine fleet, CVR has invested primarily in its human capital during the past thirty years. Many employees have been in our employment for more than 25 years. Nearly seventy percent of our employees have more than five years’ seniority. Thanks to numerous (in-company) training programmes and successful site realisations, we have built up a unique expertise. Various employees have developed into absolute specialists in their profession. This internal expertise enables us to compile the best possible project team, customised for every project.

Not only is plenty of experience and expertise represented on our sites; our own engineering office with specialised project engineers and a calculator/draughtsman do not shy away from any challenges. The foundation and sheeting techniques of numerous large building projects were developed and calculated on our drawing boards.

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Pioneer in various fields

Our record of realisations includes various milestones, marking our pioneering of a particular technique in Belgium. For instance, in 1994 we introduced the secant pile wall for construction pit sheeting. In our country, this type of pile wall is now the favoured technique for sheeting construction pits.

In 2002, we introduced the soil mixing technique for building secant pile walls. This process offers the client numerous extra advantages. We gave this patented technique the registered name ‘CVR C-mix®‘. Step by step, the technique acquired additional applications.

We are also pioneers in the development of underpinning and the use of self-tapping anchors.

The drive for innovation is part of our company genes, both with the project engineers at our engineering office and with our foremen drillers and site employees.

Still a family business

In spite of the strong growth and the internationalisation of its business activities, CVR has always remained a family business. CVR grew from Chiaverotti ltd.

In 1973, Luc Smet joined the then contracting company as a project leader. He took over the company in 1975. With seven staff members, Chiaverotti specialised in executing foundation wells based on a self-developed sheeting method.

Between 1975 and 1980, Chiaverotti concentrated on the Brussels region. In this period, Luc Smet developed a variant of the shored trench for underpinning common walls, adjacent to a construction pit to be excavated.

In 1989, the public limited company CVR was established, to replace Chiaverotti ltd. In the following years and decades, CVR gradually grew even further, both in employee numbers and in techniques. The company is now managed by Tom and Nicolas Smet, the sons of Luc Smet.

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