Railway and industry assignments with all the necessary expertise and adapted equipment

In the past years, we have gathered a significant amount of expertise in the application of foundation techniques and sheeting structures at the request of railway and industry clients. For instance, we have invested in adapted equipment that allows safe and efficient working in these special environments. We are also able to submit all mandatory safety and quality certificates. We hold both ISO and SCC* certificates.

Railways: working next to a railway in service

The management, maintenance and expansion of railway infrastructure demand the use of specialised foundation techniques and reliable sheeting.

Embankments, bridges, tunnels, platforms, station buildings, electrification masts etc. The maintenance and conversion as well as the new construction of railway infrastructure involves overcoming level differences, demands deep foundations and requires stable construction pits.

CVR is the reliable partner in all these cases. We work both directly at the request of the rail operator and for specialised rail contractors. Besides a professional and safe execution, we also advise our client with the use of the correct foundation and sheeting techniques and the most efficient method of execution.

In addition to our years of experience with working next to railway tracks that are in service, we have invested in specific and custom equipment for safe and efficient working in a railway environment.

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Industry: all possible foundations and sheeting

In industrial environments, there is often a need for specialised foundation techniques or sheeting techniques as well.

Consider in this respect for example the extra foundation that is required when new or modified production lines are installed in an existing production hall. The construction or extension of industrial installations – such as cooling towers etc. – also requires solid foundations.

In some buildings, machinery with combustion engines may not be used. We offer a solution here too, because our machine can work up to a hundred metres from the hydraulic group.

We offer the appropriate answer to every challenge and concrete situation, by applying the right foundation or sheeting technique. Get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity, so we can assist you from the initial analysis right up to the final execution. We provide the required survey and calculation work and apply the appropriate solution. By involving us from the start of the initial design, we will optimise your foundation so that you can build more cheaply. We attach a lot of importance in this respect to observing the agreed execution periods.

We have the necessary safety and quality certificates for working in industrial environments. Our employees have the necessary practical experience with the specific safety requirements of different industries.

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