Preventing and solving house subsidence, cracks and fissures

The prevention of house subsidence, fissures and cracks can be entrusted to CVR as the expert in foundation techniques. Is your house subsiding? We have appropriate solutions for this too. Possible foundation techniques for dwellings that are subsiding (or that threaten to do so) are underpinning, jet grouting or drilling micro piles. Each of these solutions displaces the vertical load to a deeper stable earth layer.

1. Prevention

Refurbishment or expansion plans? Strengthen your foundations.

Are you planning a refurbishment, extension or function change that alters the soil load adjacent to your dwelling or exerts an additional load to your existing foundation? Then err on the side of safety and engage a CVR foundation expert.

Anything that changes the structure of a dwelling inevitably has an impact on the load exerted on the foundation. Even more so with less stable subsoil. Take no risks, and engage an expert in foundation techniques to provide preventive additional foundations or to deepen the existing foundations.

Get in touch with us for the following projects:

  • Do you want to build an extension to your dwelling?
  • Is reconstruction work being carried out whereby for instance the timber structure between the floors is being replaced with concrete slabs?
  • Is the building’s function being changed, so that the foundations will have to support extra loads, such as a large paper archive?
  • Do you want a basement built under your existing dwelling for e.g. a swimming pool or wine cellar?
  • Do you want to build an extra floor in your dwelling?
  • Do you want to replace the interior walls with beams and columns?
  • etc.

From survey to execution

We offer a total service with all the necessary soil surveys, stability calculations and analyses. We use this as a basis for working out a technical concept with an accompanying price offer.

This may include deepening and strengthening the existing foundations. Another option is to provide extra foundations. We guarantee supremely clean execution within the agreed deadline.

2. Solving problems

House subsiding? Fissures and cracks getting bigger? Seek our advice immediately.

Is your dwelling suddenly exhibiting fissures or cracks that could be caused by problems with the foundations, or is your dwelling subsiding due to unstable subsoil? Seek the advice of expert in foundation techniques CVR immediately,.

Attention: CVR offers exclusively structural solutions for serious cracks and fissures that are growing or changing. To be precise, we are referring to a width from 3 to 4 mm, which is continuing to grow. We do not treat cracks that are only in the plasterwork. For this, you are advised to contact a plasterer or a painter. The structural cracks that we take care of, must be visible in the interior and exterior walls. For this reason, we always ask you to send photographs before our stability experts pay a visit.
A possible cause for house subsidence is differential settlement in the building structure. Excavation work next to your dwelling without the necessary precautionary measures may also cause cracks or fissures due to subsoil instability. Another frequent cause is soil being flushed from under the foundations due to leaking sewer systems or poor drainage.

Have you noticed subsidence, fissures or cracks? Contact us. We will visit on site as soon as possible, to analyse the causes, work out foundation-technical solutions and carry them out as quickly as possible.

Is your house threatening to subside? Do you want to prevent fissures or cracks in your house?

Contact us as quickly as possible for a site visit.