The foundation techniques pioneer and trendsetter

We create deep foundations to up to 21 metres deep, applying a wide range of specialised foundation techniques. Deep foundations transfer the building’s vertical load to the deep, stable subsoil. Our own engineering office for research and design guarantees a comprehensive service, from the first soil survey analyses to the final realisation by our experienced and well-trained site employees, foremen drillers and project leaders.

Which foundation techniques are possible?

After a thorough survey of all environmental factors, the technical requirements and a profitability analysis, we advise on the appropriate foundation technique for your project.

Foundation piles

We have various techniques for realising foundation piles.

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Soil improvement (soil mixing)

With this technique, we create a grid of CVR C-mix® columns. This self-developed and patented foundation technique forms the perfect alternative for foundation wells and gravel cores.

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Foundation wells

We create a foundation well with a round grab on a hydraulic digger. If necessary, we support the well wall with steel casing, before concreting the well.

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Micro piles

Thanks to our compact machinery, we have no problem boring the micro piles from existing, small spaces. This space-saving and extremely flexible technique has numerous foundation applications for private dwellings, building projects and industrial environments. We bore micro piles with a bearing capacity of up to 90 tons. Micro piles are also ideal tension piles for preventing basements from floating.

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Rely on our expertise

Involve us in your building project from the very beginning and make the most of our in-depth expertise and years of experience.

We were and continue to be the trendsetter for innovative and self-developed foundation techniques. Through the years, we have expanded into the absolute reference in Belgium for complex and challenging foundation projects.

Also entrust us with the construction pit sheeting, to ensure smooth project monitoring.

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