The right construction pit sheeting for every situation

For professional and safe construction pit sheeting, rely on CVR. Thanks to our in-depth expertise, we face every challenge. In the past decades, our site employees have gained the necessary experience with every sheeting or underpinning technique possible. We have already realised more than 3,000 sites. Our own engineering office continuously supervises every project from the initial survey to the final realisation. In addition to the construction pit sheeting, you can entrust us with the complete realisation of the deep foundations or even the entire basement.

What types of construction pit sheeting are possible?

Depending on all environmental factors, the technical requirements of the construction pit and the financial impact of the possible techniques, we advise the right sheeting technique.

Berliner walls

With this type of sheeting, we insert profiles in the ground at regular intervals. We insert concrete, timber or steel sheeting in the webs of these profiles.

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Secant pile walls / Tangent pile walls

With this type of sheeting, we create a concrete wall of connecting piles that together form an earth-retaining and water-inhibiting screen.

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Soil mix pile walls (CVR C-Mix®)

For this type of self-developed pile walls, we use the subsoil as a building material. This reduces concrete consumption to zero and makes faster execution possible.

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Underpinning makes it possible to safely underpin and deepen existing foundations.

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Jet grouting (injection)

This technique enables an earth retaining structure to be made on top of an existing foundation by injecting cement mortar under high pressure.

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Nailed walls

We use nailed walls to make (existing) slopes steeper.

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Shored trenches

These earth-retaining structures are manually excavated. During digging, we shore up the trench with prefabricated concrete slabs.

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Sheet piling

This type of sheeting consists of a series of connected metal sheet piles, which we vibrate or press into the soil.

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