CVR C-mix® pile walls: the patented alternative for traditional pile walls

With the CVR C-Mix® pile walls, CVR developed a beautiful alternative in-house for traditional concrete pile walls. This innovative construction pit sheeting with soil mixing guarantees various advantages. For instance, less soil needs to be removed and no concrete needs to be supplied, which yields huge time savings. Moreover, this technique has a limited impact on the environment. The pile walls are sufficiently solid for a load-bearing function. They can be used as a definitive earth-retaining wall. The following diameters are possible: 430 mm, 530 mm, 630 mm and 830 mm.

Just as with a traditional secant pile wall, this pile wall consists of primary and secondary piles that overlap each other. Together, the sheeting piles form an underground, earth-retaining and water-inhibiting screen. The piles are perfectly suitable for use alongside structures that are prone to settlement. They are also perfect for installation in watery soils. Extra stability can be obtained using ground anchors.

As a member of ABEF (the Belgian Association of Foundation Contractors), CVR participated in meetings of the ‘soil mix’ working group of the BBRI. This working group forms the basis of the implementation sheet ‘soil mix pile walls’. We carry out our activities in accordance with this sheet.

How are the CVR C-Mix® pile walls made?

  1. The boreholes are made using drilling rigs with a fixed or telescopic mast for maximum verticality and precision. We drill to the required depth using a self-developed drilling tool. If required, our drilling rigs register all drilling parameters.
  2. We inject cement mortar into the ground under high pressure during the drilling process. Soil and mortar are mixed, thus creating a pile. The pile diameter depends on the drilling tool diameter.
  3. Just as with conventional secant pile walls, the boreholes are made in phases, whereby first the primary and subsequently the secondary piles are drilled. The secondary piles overlap the primary piles in the process. Finally, reinforcement is installed in the secondary piles.

What are the benefits of CVR C-Mix® pile walls?

  • Execution is fast and entirely vibration-free. The special drill bits make it possible to drill up to a few centimetres from existing structures.
  • The compressive strength of our soil mix is higher in comparison with other systems. We do not add any bentonite or air during the drilling process.
  • As the ground stress remains unaltered, settlement is excluded.
  • No concrete is used, thus avoiding waiting times.
  • Soil disposal is limited in comparison with traditional secant pile walls.
  • The polystyrene templates for the guide beams and a manoeuvrable drilling rig allow the shape of the pile wall to be determined freely. The guide beams allow safe installation of the pile reinforcement.
  • The diameters of our CVR C-mix® pile walls are the same as for the concrete secant pile walls. The advantage of this is that in case of any underground obstacles, a seamless transition can be made to a concrete secant pile wall.
Sheeting your construction pit with CVR C-mix® pile walls?