Berliner walls: cheap and fast sheeting for your construction pit

A Berliner wall offers many advantages for construction pit sheeting. Berliner walls are extremely cheap compared with other types of sheeting. Moreover, they demand only a short execution period. If required, the wall profiles can be installed vibration-free. This type of construction pit sheeting is not recommended within the sphere of influence of existing buildings or structures.

How is a Berliner wall made?

  1. To create a Berliner wall, we create sheeting using profiles inserted in the ground at regular intervals.
  2. CVR uses a piling rig for accurate positioning and verticality. We have also mounted variable vibratory hammers onto a digger. These allow the profiles to be vibrated in places that are difficult to access. We vibrate (at high frequency) or drill the profiles into the ground.
  3. We subsequently place prefabricated concrete slabs, timber beams or steel plates between the profile webs. The plates form the construction pit sheeting.
  4. If required, we stabilise this sheeting using ground anchors. Various different underground levels are perfect possibilities. If required, we survey the necessity for ground anchors beforehand and compile a price offer.
Need Berliner wall sheeting for your construction pit?