Shored trenches for underground concrete walls

Shored trenches make it possible to build underground concrete walls up to just above the phreatic zone. We avoid ground stress relief by digging, sheeting and finally sheeting in various phases.

How are shored trenches made?

  1. We manually excavate the trenches in consecutive three- to six-metre long segments. The trench has a minimum width of 0.9 metres.
  2. During digging, we sheet the trench on both sides with prefabricated concrete slabs.
  3. We provide sheeting with jack posts.
  4. We create an underground trench for a concrete wall by digging, sheeting and sheeting in phases.
  5. Once the shored trench has been realised, we reinforce and concrete it. We can anchor the shored trench for large earth-retaining structures.
Need a shored trench?