Soil improvement with CVR C-Mix® (soil mixing)

With the CVR C-Mix® soil improvement, CVR developed a better alternative in-house for foundation wells and gravel cores. This vibration-free soil mixing foundation technique has various advantages: fast execution, realisation under the phreatic zone and the possibility of scraping off the piles soon after execution. Virtually no soil disposal is required. The possible diameters vary from 320 mm to 1,030 mm. Get in touch with us as early on as the design phase to use this innovative technique in your project.

How is the CVR C-Mix® soil improvement carried out?

  1. We drill columns without using vibrations and without soil displacement, using internally developed and patented drilling tools.
  2. We inject cement mortar under low pressure during the drilling operation. This mixes the mortar and the soil together.
  3. The cement mortar fills up the pores in the soil. The existing soil is used as a building material to create a firm foundation column.
  4. No concrete is used. For optimal quality, we adjust the injection material depending on the subsoil.

What are the benefits of CVR C-Mix® soil improvement?

  • This type of foundation can bear a larger load with slimmer foundation columns compared with gravel cores.
  • A test programme in collaboration with the BBRI has proved the excellent quality of these soil mix columns. Feel free to request the results.
  • We adjust the design of this foundation technique for optimal pressure distribution in the interface between the column and the foundation mass.
  • This foundation technique can be used in virtually any soil type.
  • The drilling tool diameter defines the column diameter.
  • This foundation technique does not alter the soil stresses. Settlement is excluded.
  • This technique is perfectly suited for use next to existing structures.
  • Optimisation of floor structure and reinforcement through larger diameters of the columns.
Need foundation piles with CVR C-Mix®?